women2women: womenfolk (or femme presenting) are not your competition

Women, I need you to listen to something,

I am not your competition. We are not each other’s competition. Of this, I can assure you. Life will throw plenty of obstacles your way. It will create competition at every step of the journey.

We needn’t make it worse by competing among each other. That other person, by virtue of their feminine appearance, that seems to you a threat? She will help you, if you let her. If you make her compete? She might…but that only puts you at risk of losing now. Whereas, if you help her you might both win.

Winning, you see, is not limited to a sole achiever.

We’ve been taught, conditioned to believe otherwise. If you think I am naive, so be it. I prefer not to live in fear.

If you try to work with me, we can find a way for both of us to make the other better than if we were apart. I believe I am not unusual in this way of thinking. I think we could all benefit from that collective thought.

I’m asking you a simple favor as my fellow femme friends,

Join me, show me that we can support each other. As women, as female persons, as femme presenting, whatever identity we choose for ourselves–the label is unimportant. What matters is that we look at each other’s faces and see, not an enemy, but a friend and a collaborator.

Together, we can achieve the impossible!

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