understanding fire play: basic primer


Fire play is actually more about heat than it is flames. One feels the sensation, without being burned. The fire warms the body (and sometimes implements, such as fire cups). It provides the most amazing subspace (at least for me).

It can be low risk, though it is never without risk.

I personally engage mostly in low risk fire play. Fire bubbles are a fun and relatively easy way to get a taste of fire play! But honestly I’ve tried several types, and nothing had even minor injuries, including fireballs up my crotch while I was bent over a table (super hot in every sense!). You’re not supposed to actually get burned in fire play! If you do, something went wrong!

A cool trick is using a lighter and hair mousse (I believe White Rain was the brand recommended by a friend). You can make pretty patterns that are set on fire by the lighter, and it feels so very nice and relaxing! (Ask how to do it safely with someone with experience, please!). I have not tried fire flogging, but I have witnessed it, and it is more psychologically terrifying than physically. Especially when they come at you from the front. Again, they should not actually hurt you as with normal flogging. I cannot handle floggers, but I was intrigued by the sensation (and pretty pictures!) of fire flogging.

Bare is best!

The less you have to catch fire, the better! The tops I have worked with have been very anti clothing with bottoms. If you are not comfortable being nude with someone, they likely are not a good fire top for you! I could tell you it’s okay to have a little on, but honestly for 101, I’d say just don’t wear any! Research safe clothing if this is an issue.

Hair counts as “flammable,” by the way. Keep your hair safely secured, please!

Also when I say “bare,” I mean BARE.  No perfumes or body sprays should be used before fire play due to flammable ingredients. This also includes some shower gels, moisturizers etc.  Not even engaging in heavy impact play that can give you nice pretty bruises to “wear,” but can also break the skin beforehand.  Heavy impact play should FOLLOW fire play.  Wax play, too, should FOLLOW fire play (as residue from wax may result in heat issues/burns).  Stay safe!

Don’t forget you’re dealing with fire!

While it can be a lovely sensation, there can be SEVERE consequences (I’ve heard specifics regarding the fire top that scared the crap out of me). I would highly suggest playing with an experienced fire top. It may not be your own partner, and that is okay.  Also discuss your comfort level with mistakes, burns, etc.  While an experienced Top should have a “safety kit” to put out fires immediately (just like an experienced rigger should have sharp scissors, knives, etc to cut rope in case of emergency), there are always risks.  DISCUSS them.

And, well, other than that, enjoy! Fire play is by far my favorite, and I’ve barely tapped into its possibilities!

Note: If anyone has anything to add regarding BASIC fire play and fire safety, please do leave it in the comments. Also, feel free to tell me if you think I’ve got something very wrong. I am relatively uninformed and speaking from personal experience and observations! But I have had some amazing experiences and want to share what I know.

Additional Note:  As with ALL forms of play, please inform your Top of any relevant medical issues.  If you aren’t sure what is “relevant,” oversharing is generally better than undersharing.

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