waking up with words

woke up this morning,

my head full of words
from dreams, maybe

it’s how I know I’m a writer
i can’t stop the words

when i’m out with friends,
at a restaurant
halfway through a conversation or a page

i struggle with reading,
focusing on the pages
that’s funny isn’t it?
but every word spawns more words
flying in every direction

i read my favorite books
again and again
because it’s grounding
because I want to see if I can create something
even partially as timeless as those stories

i keep writing
hoping that it’s all worth it
that my words resonate
mean something to more than just me

you’ve got to have a bit of an ego, i think
to write
but i hope it’s more than that

all i can do is keep writing, hoping
and so i do

thank you

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