dear prospective superheroes in hopes of finding their destiny,

“Are YOU burdened with glorious purpose and find yourself trying to enslave an entire world population?”

“Did YOU accidentally blow up a planet and are now trying to come to terms with your own existence?”

“Did YOU get selected to fight your peers to the death and don’t know what to do next?”

If you answered YES to any of the above, well, um, okay, I really don’t know how to help. Call a hotline, I guess?

But now answer the following,

Have you ever told yourself when it comes to something big, “I can do this on my own. Besides, nobody would want to help me, anyway.”? Or known a friend that like?

Do you recall in incident in which you failed to listen to what a friend or partner wanted– and gave them a gift or a party that was really about what you wanted? Have you known this happen to someone?

At any point, have you been completely unseen by a family member (especially one related by blood or law) that you were told was supposed to be someone you could always trust and count on? Or had a loved one that was treated that way?

I’m not a superhero with superhero abilities.

Never has anyone put me in charge of an army or a planet. Nobody ever claimed I’m the One to save any world. Most of us aren’t. We’re just living our lives as best we can.

But few of us have remained untouched by everyday toxicity and struggles. So, don’t worry about saving the planet. Be kind to yourself; to others; to your loved ones.

Most movies and shows are escapism, but once in a while you find one that shines a light on you. 

Some shine a light directly on you, on everything you like, but also everything you want to forget or not think about.

I like these.  They remind me of what makes me good. And what I don’t want to be. And a little of what is in me that I would like to ignore desperately, but can’t. But at least I know I’m not alone.

That helps. To know that I’m not the only one listening to a toxic voice inside herself. Constantly wondering why I feel awful, when it’s the only logical conclusion after I’ve been insulting myself nonstop for hours.

That I’m not the only one trying to help a friend out of a bad situation who doesn’t want to leave that situation. Baffled at why I’m feeling bad, aren’t I helping??? No, in fact I’m only helping myself. Making myself feel good, see how useful I am?. When it’s not even about them at all. And once I let go, I do feel a little more at peace.

Now to get back to practicing my superhero landing. I mean, you never know what’ll happen in the future. Tomorrow I’m gonna need those superhero skills.

Edit: I lied. I lied about the superhero landing. I have a bad knee. It’s just not good for me.

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