why kitty chooses poly, OR, Happy Polyamorous Day!

why i’m polyamorous, in appreciation & acknowledgement of happy polyamory day

I have two reasons. Shall I present the profound reason first, or the…less profound?

The Bus Stop Analogy

Whenever I see someone at the bus stop, I never know what will happen between them and myself. Will they be a fleeting memory, a smile? A lifelong friend? A lover for the night? My next lifetime partner in crime, romantic confidante, and anchor? I don’t know what they want from me, if anything. But I’m always eager to pursue this delightful- unknown but beautiful- person sitting next to me.

The Less Heartfelt Reason

Whenever someone says, “Get you a partner that [insert whatever thing the person posting it likes], I think, “You know, what? I just might!” And I can. Cause poly.

:-p. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “why kitty chooses poly, OR, Happy Polyamorous Day!”

    1. But you see those, “Get you a partner that…,” too, right? And it just feels mean. Hey, dump your partner for someone that paints/likes to sing love songs to you/bakes you cupcakes. Or makes you feel like you missed out. “Oh, your partner DOESN’T do this basic requirement to show they love you?”

      Except…if you’re poly…it’s just helpful suggestions!

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