staying with your children is a privilege and a luxury

Dear SAHP,

Yes, raising a child is hard. Nobody is denying that. But for the love of all that is holy, please just understand how lucky you are.

You will never come home to a babysitter telling you your child took their first steps.

You will never have a caregiver be the one to tell you your child learned a new milestone.

You will BE their for most, if not all, their firsts. Sure, maybe the other parent or your mother in law might get a few. But it will always be someone in the family, and, let’s be honest, usually you.

Because bills have to be paid and someone has to work, probably a shitty job they don’t like but pays well enough. So they’ll be at work for a lot of the moments.

And it’s okay. Don’t feel bad about it.

But at least have a little empathy for the mothers and fathers that have to leave their baby behind every day and spend hours in an office or wherever, while you get to spend the day with your child.

And when they come home, you get to be the one that says “Susie learned how to jump rope today! Show daddy, Susie!”

That’s pretty cool. It’s not something to be pitied, but celebrated.

So celebrate it!

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