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Enjoy this hypothetical conversation between me, Kitty, and you, dear reader:

Fair question. I am writing from the perspective of my kinky, poly kittenish persona. That doesn’t mean it’s only relevant to poly kinksters. I hate when blogs act like they are JUST for one category of person (and I dislike categorizing people in general, anyway, I just allow for some labels for ease of communication). Just because one prefers strawberry to pistachio ice cream doesn’t mean that the process of making ice cream is different from one flavor to the next. You just add different toppings. Ice cream is still ice cream.  In a similar manner, relationships are relationships.  Nothing I say about relationships with a polyamorous context are exclusively applicable to polyamorous relationships.

Sure! Feel free to adjust the tone and wording. If I use “she” or “her,” but you relate better if it were a non binary person in the story, please just mentally replace the gender/sex/etc to better suit your situation. Just because I most often talk about male dominants (based on personal experience) does not mean that it only applies to male persons. I am writing my own experiences, and sometimes, for poetic license, I might pick “she” or “he.” But that doesn’t mean that piece doesn’t apply equally to anyone else. I have done monogamous, non monogamous, swinging, polyamorous, and every sort of relationship (okay, not all, but a lot of them!). I try to give a voice to many different kinds of people, but I am not going to write about someone else’s experience.  So, please, modify as suits you to fit your own experience!

Well, it’s not for assholes and I won’t pretend that I’m okay with treating others in ways I find shitty or abusive. I also tend to write in a way that specifically addresses kinky, poly relationships- and specifically write from my experience– but that doesn’t mean it’s only for kinky, poly folk or that they ways I choose are the only ways to do something (I do believe that there are more and less effective ways to achieve a certain result, i.e. how to have a happy, fulfilling relationship with your stepkids vs the crappy relationships most stepparents will talk about in forums, but really, there are plenty of flexibilities).

I highly encourage you, by the way, to see my writings here as universal. If I write something about how to manage time between your two/three/etc partners, you might change it to managing time between your two/three/etc best friends. NOTHING I WRITE IS DEPENDENT ON SEXUALITY OR RELATIONSHIP STYLES. It applies equally well to persons of all genders, sexes, and even cultures (understanding that different cultures raise their people with different experiences, values, and expectations).

Please note that I have a Glossary of Terms that explicitly defines what I mean, since words mean different things to different people.

Um, adoration and chocolate? Hmmm, I wouldn’t object. But to better understand my motivations, please read Why The Kitty Writes.  I would greatly appreciate if you took the time to understand this before commenting on my writings. Just because it might lead to a more productive conversation between us.

Please Register an Account to easily comment, in addition to showing a bit of love toward any posts  This will also allow you to participate in any future gamification on the site. Sign up for our “mewsletter”! I will read all messages, comments, and observe which posts receive the most interaction, as indication of what hits home with folk. This is my way of building my community and creating a safe space to exchange thoughts. If I know what you like most, I will try to write more pieces that are most relevant and helpful to you. I will credit any help I receive, thanks! 

I want to hear new ideas, but I won’t tolerate rude, disrespectful talk. Can’t do what I do? Can’t do what others on this site do? Cool, find another place to expound on your wisdom. Somehow, despite all odds, we have found a way to make kinky/poly/whatever relationships work. Don’t troll here, you’ll be blocked (and possibly screen shotted and mocked). This isn’t FetLife. I’m not interested in mean, shallow, petty battles of the Differing Opinions. Or meaningless platitudes. I’m interested in thoughtful viewpoints, whether supportive or critical.

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