be with me

Be with me,

I want you to be with me, hold me.

Can you do that for me? Will you tell me who you are? Will you tell me what you want?

What makes you happy? Has anyone asked you that before? I hope so.

If not, tell me what makes you happy,

Or tell me anything at all, but I have a condition: It must be something real.

Be my friend,

I don’t need you to tell me everything at once, give me everything at once, you see,

We’re not quite there yet; no intimacy; no trust; none of any consequence, at any rate.

But, please, be open to one day

Telling me who you are, how you feel, and what you want

Be one of my reasons,

As if you were not some fleeting fancy, but a piece of my puzzle, as I am one in yours, you see

We don’t know how long it’ll last, this connection between us,

But it’s okay. Because what we have is beautiful.

You see, you are not “just” anything to me, because I know you and you know me

Or at least I hope we will one day

………..what do you say? Can you do this for me?


This is what friendship means to me. Does it mean the same to you?

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