show me something different

The first in “Kitty Explains Through Chocolate”

“What do you mean, ‘different’?”

I don’t know.  What do you have to offer me?  I don’t know you. Show me something I’ve never experienced before. No— don’t simply spank me harder than any dominant has spanked me before. I can ask any dominant for that.

That doesn’t spark anything in me.

You don’t know what I mean? If this were a candy shop, I want you to place a new kind of candy in my mouth. Say I’ve only had milk chocolate.  It’s fine, but I’ve grown tired of it.  It feels plain, ordinairy.  Maybe I’ve never had toffee before, or maybe you put a piece of salt water taffy into my mouth.  

It’s not enough to give me white or dark or chili infused.

Don’t try to convince me that white chocolate “isn’t really chocolate.” It’s close enough. Don’t minimize the fact that I’ve only tasted milk chocolate, and I just “need to get the real stuff, dark chocolate is a whole other experience!” You might be right, but tonight? Please don’t bother to convince me how fine or dark or wonderful this new chocolate might taste.

I want a different sort of sweet.

Open me up. Make me feel things I haven’t felt before, think thoughts that never passed my mind. I am sensual. Make me feel. I am curious. Make me learn. I am kind. Make me generous.

Don’t know what I mean?  

Take my hand, I’ll show you.

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