there’s more to life than romance

I talk about love and romance quite a lot, but it’s true

Which is why I’m allowing myself to take a moment and address a small, but sincere, pet peeve of mine:

I despise the term “lopsided relationship.”

What the hell does that even mean? Romantic partners aren’t Christmas ornaments. You don’t have to make sure they’re evenly distributed. You don’t acquire new ones to be “balanced” with some other person.

If I have two and you have five, and we’re both happy, then we’re both happy. If I have ten and you have none, but your life is as full as mine? Neither of us has “more.” It’s just one of us happens to be dating more people. So what?

Because life is fucking more than, well, fucking. My life is more than “just” my romantic partner. It’s my friends, my play partners, my family, my work, and my everything.

If I ever dated someone who only saw me and them in terms of who else we’re dating, I’d leave in a heartbeat.

Because my life is so much more than that. And I need theirs to be, too.

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