welcome to the club, curvy girl

If you’re a female presenting person who made it through the holidays without a single thought about your weight, allow me to give you a gluten free, sugar free, butter free, flavor free foodless cookie. You are, indeed, a rarity. Oh, well, at least there’s a silver lining. Sure you might have gained a few pounds that you ignored, but after all, it just makes you a curvy woman, right?

Well, I’m curvy, now what?

My first college boyfriend remarked, when I came back sophomore year, that I had “filled out nicely.” I wasn’t exactly sure how to take it, but it sounded like a compliment. I still looked more like a fashion model than a porn star. But I did look less like a prepubescent girl.

Everyone loves curvy women.  I appreciate an hourglass figure, but I rather wish I wasn’t defined by my curves. Because even when I achieved that “official woman status,” I still got left feeling empty.

“Curvy” doesn’t feel like a compliment to me, but rather another way for women to compare each other.

Nobody should feel less womanly for possessing a flat chest and no ass. We claim we wish to be seen for more than our physical attributes, yet we manage to simply find new ways of defining those physical attributes. We are so much more than our bodies, are we not?

And heaven forbid you are larger and don’t have curves! Or you have all the “good” curves, but you also have the “wrong” curves (larger stomach, bigger thighs, rolls).  

Nobody wants to see -those- curves. 

I get daily ads reminding me I need shapewear to make me look good in tight clothing. Because even at 119 lbs, I might have the “bad curves.” Oh, wear whatever you like. I’m merely irritated by the goddamn, perpetual message that we’re only beautiful when we showcase the curves that people find acceptable and sexy, and downplay the ones they find less appealing. 

That girl with the itty bitty waist and the round thing in your face? Please. Social media, photoshopped, CGI’d bodies aren’t real.

So let’s just be ourselves? Curves or no?

Show anything we like, wear what we like. And stop pretending that curves are what define us.  

Or at least admit that if you want amazing cleavage and ass– your tummy, thighs, and extra chins are part of the “curvy,” hour glass figure total package.

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