do you want to be my first thought? then let’s be willing to be each other’s afterthoughts.

My master wasn’t very much in my life at first, nor did I think he’d ever be.

When I first met my master, he was with someone else. I had to accept being less than number one for him, or accept someone else. I chose him. But it meant a number of compromises.

He was often not my first thought. I’m sure I wasn’t often his. Yet time and time again, I’d be headed home and think, I wonder if he’s free now. I’d just been out with friends, I didn’t really need company. I just…kind of wanted it. Funny thing would happen. Just as I had that thought, who’d be walking up to my doorstep? Yep. You know, on the off chance I hadn’t anything better to do. And I hadn’t.

God, that was over ten years ago now!

It’s crazy how time passes. We are much more aware and considerate of each other’s time now, of course. Just a few minutes ago he called me. Unexpected surprise, he said aren’t all surprises unexpected?. He won’t be home till much later than he thought. Wanted me to know, so I didn’t worry about making dinner.

We’re taught that either we are someone’s number one or we are nothing at all. That is a fair point of view.

But that’s not always how love works.

At least not for me. I cannot speak for others. All I know is if I’d turned him down because he could not have given me everything, I wouldn’t have the amazing relationship we share today. Maybe I never would have, either, if I’d kept turning down the chance.

Sometimes the deepest love works in a way that isn’t quite, well, expected.

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