I am never owed understanding, nor support


Believe victims, they say. Unfortunately the perpetrator is often the first to claim victimhood. Whom does one believe then?

I don’t know the answer.

All I know is that I will always provide basic respect and kindness to any human being. I will not promise that I will believe you, nor take your side. But I will try my best to understand.

And I won’t ever expect the same in return. I’ll hope you listen to me, too, but I’m not owed that. Perhaps you are overwhelmed. Or you believe the other person. That is your absolute right. As it is mine. I may be frustrated by your choice, but…it is still your choice to make.

I won’t judge you if you try your best. Because that is all I believe we can expect from each other, and it is, I believe, enough.

You are enough.

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