i cannot only be a [_______]

I cherish my roles as a slave,

as your possession, as the one who submits to you each and every morning and evening. In every moment of the day, in the moments between us as you hold me through the night.

I want you as much as I’ve ever wanted anything. I want to give you everything.

I know you love me. I suppose it’s possible to be loved more, but I’ve never felt even a fraction of what you show me and continue to show me. I don’t desire to be loved more than I am now. Because it is everything I could imagine love to be.

But I cannot be only a slave, even Your slave.

I cannot only be your person, only a mother, only one thing. I need every piece of me, wholly fleshed out and an entire persona of my being. Some that I am with you, some that I am with others.

I will never leave you. I am sometimes a bad little kitten, but I apologize once I’ve calmed down from when the mothership causes me to spaz out and run around the room. I never regret anything in my life that I have chosen willingly.

I will never, ever, leave my the little ones. I will never abandon them, nor make them feel like they are imposing on me.

It’s been long enough to prove, I suppose.

Some tell me a decade is an accomplishment to have stayed this in love. I have trouble believing it’s already been ten years (longer, actually). I think it’s only a brief section of the eternity we’ll spend together.

Thank you for understanding and appreciating me fully. For not only not holding me back, but pushing me forward. This is my promise between us.

I will always return to you.

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