if they want you, they want you; if they don’t, they don’t

Nobody wants to feel unwanted.

It’s one of the worst feelings, stupid, petty, gross. Doesn’t even have any self righteousness to it, like betrayal. Being unwanted just sucks. Unfortunately, it’s all too common.

Dating polyamorously means I end up dating a lot. Or sort of dating? I don’t even know anymore. But whatever it is, it comes with plenty of rejection. The joys of poly, am I right?

It’s easy to blame a failed polyamorous relationship on something outside of one’s control. The favorite, of course, is to blame the Other Woman (Or Man or Whomever). You know, their existing Primary Relationship (because those people always believe that you can only have one primary relationship).

Until I came face to face with the unmistakable truth.

When someone tried to come in between me and Him. And I saw he did, indeed, have a choice.

The truth is that if they want you in their life, they’ll do what it takes to make it happen. My master did that for me. I’ve seen others do it for their loved ones, as well. It’s unusual, perhaps, but it’s certainly done. Love is actually stronger than anything. We ought to give it the credit we pretend to.

Nothing can come between you and the one(s) who want you, but you. Or them.

That’s the simple truth.

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