people really are bad at relationships: part one

I swear, I didn’t make these up.

True relationship quotes I found from vanilla folk about polyamory and ENM (some responses are from me, others from actual responses from strangers).

“I mean, respect to those who make this work, but I can’t understand how they don’t murder each other out of jealousy.”

“If your best mate goes and hangs out with other friends, do you fly into a jealous rage and murder them? You must be very organized to find the time for all that murdering every time a friend makes a new friend.”

“Poly is the relationship of the future? “You will own nothing and be happy.”

“Well, I never really thought of my partners as things I owned, so…yes?”

“I mean why make one woman unhappy when you could make a few of them miserable?”

“I don’t try to make my partners unhappy, and they don’t try to make me unhappy. I guess if you make women unhappy, you really should stick to just one.”

“I don’t see the appeal of sharing one’s sandwich mid bite.”

“You’re the kind of person who thinks a girl’s virginity is like a lollipop, right? Nobody wants to lick a used lollipop.”

“You cannot love two separate human beings equally.”

“Your second kid must really love hearing that, huh?”

I’ll find some more gems later, thanks!

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