petty assault and the reality of “no consequences”

In the aftermath of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals,

A Panthers player held a Golden Knights player back while Matthew Tkachuk punched him in the face.

Skirmishes aside, it was a shitty thing to do. In any other circumstances, that’s assault. It wasn’t hitting or knocking into someone during play. The game was over, this was flat out assault.

But what was the NHL gonna do? Pull the Panthers’ star player during the biggest game of the season? Of course not. Jaime Benn did essentially the same thing to Mark Stone and got pulled from two games (three, really), but whatever. Whoever said life was equitable?

Nothing happened. No consequences.

My ex meta is great at this.

Getting to the line but not crossing it. Time and time again.  It’s almost impressive how she does it.  Where the outcome is nearly always, “Legally, yes she can do this.”  Dragging her daughter away by the hand from her father’s car in a public parking lot (on his time, mind you) and screaming like a banshee?  Can’t even call the cops.  Situational.

Like in that episode of Black Mirror where “Streamberry” (parody of Netflix, incidentally by Netflix) is technically allowed to completely screw over their users due to the Terms & Conditions.  “Yes, they absolutely can do that.”  The corporation snuck a completely ridiculous item into the terms, but the users clicked, “Accept.”  Sometimes I wonder if a corporation (or a person) could legally get away with murder if they could get it past them in a form they signed.

Perhaps you have a Tkachuk in your life, too, who knows exactly how to play the game.

But there’s no such thing as no consequences.

Nothing passes entirely without notice.

The kids see what she does, and it affects the depth of their feeling for her.

People see when people do shitty things. They see that they do it deliberately, because they can.

… and karma is an absolute bitch.

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