seeing them for who they are shouldn’t ruin them

There’s this scene from Bojack Horseman with the titular Bojack gazing into his publicist, Anna Spanakopita’s, home. She’s making dinner. He watches from outside, from a distance, and thinks,

It’s so sad that when you see someone as they really are, it ruins them.

But he’s not saying it’s sad when you see someone reveal their true colors. Anna isn’t abusive, at least not from this moment. She’s not cruel or hitting her pet or…or anything.

She’s just making dinner.

And that disappoints him. She’s not this supernatural creature. Nor is she larger than life. She’s just a human who needs food to live. She’s just as ordinary as anyone else.

For the love of everything we hold dear, we need to stop doing this ourselves. Building people up into something beyond human– only to be sad when they aren’t superheroes. They’re still good people, they just aren’t something that nobody is capable of.

Relationships, people, whatever it might be. It will turn into something ordinary, some days. There will be mundane moments. There will be Netflix and chilling that is simply Netflix and chilling. There will be a Valentine’s Day that will not be anything special.

There will be times when your Love isn’t alluring. When they are sprawled on a couch doing absolutely nothing.

But that doesn’t mean we should move on, in search of that perfect….whatever you think perfection means.

Or else we’ll never stop moving on.

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