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Sensual is not always sexual.
To me, sensuality is a mindful practice.

Sensuality is about the moment. THIS moment,
this second, and…
not a second past or before that.

Just now.

Sensuality starts with how you experience the world around you, your interactions with it and openness to receive what you feel.

Sensuality, to me, is about harnessing an openness of mind as authentically you, as you can be, to embody a pleasurable or enjoyable experience.

Sensuality is in everything, and often considered to be the opposite intellect but this is far from the truth.

It’s about the physical experience as well as about the senses- all Six of them (yes 6).

  • It’s in the way we show or present ourselves (your personal style, the way you do things, the way
    you move) – sight
  • It’s in the we experience and interact with touch (hugging, the feel of a fabric on your skin) – touch
  • It’s in the way we smell (the things that arouse your tastebuds, your personal hygiene) – scent
  • It’s in the way we experience things we taste (do you savour your food, or inhale it like its yesterday’s air and there isn’t any left for tomorrow?) – taste
  • It’s in the way we hear (do you hear or listen to others, do you hear yourself, the way music flows
    through you and how it affects your other senses) – sound
  • And the 6th; The way we are Intune with what our body is showing us? and any awareness of this, tells us how we ought to treat ourselves, the interplay between us and our environment and others- interoception.

I enjoy my life and the experiences I have, because despite the shit that can, and does occur each day, I find
pleasure in things people take for granted, through my sensuality, and it means I’m so engrossed in THIS moment, what brought us to it, or comes next is either inconsequential or goes over my head.

I savour a moments, by being present.

I somatise a lot, to feel my emotions through my body, cos i also have alexithymia, so this is the only way, i can connect to how i feel

So, i focus only on what my body is receiving.

Sometimes this is instinctive, primal even, but mostly, its mindfulness, it’s a choice made easier by a set of variables that come
together, just so.

I feel your presence, your movements your I hear you breathe and feel the warmth of your breath. I
watch your movements, and face & if my body responds overwhelmingly by wanting to touch or
reach out to you, I try my best to allow my senses to guide me. Sometimes i struggle with this, but i try to extend it.

I care not about the outcomes, or
what brough me to this moment, whuch could he considered somewhat hedonistic, but that also is inconsequential.

I just care just for this very second as it happens.

This is how i live, day by, day, its nit uncommon for me to stop in the street to smell flowers, while I close my eyes, to feel the petals on my fingers as I
inhale them, hold my breath, and allow that to fill me.

Nor is it uncommon for me to remove my shoes to feel the pavement, or
bodies of water. I do these things, a lot, I have sniffed somethings (and people’s 🤭🤤) that have intoxicated me all over, making me
want to be in and of it/them, even if its not the nicest smell, I don’t care, I feel it and I sense it. Its my experience and I claim that, For All Time (ode to Loki and the TVA)

Living this way gives me moments of immeasurable pleasure, that make badness seem not so terrible,.and I can keep for me, all the experiences, good and bad alike. They make me know I’m alive (good good dolls)

Even if it’s an experience is shared the mere fact that we all take away differences from the same thing, means we each get to claim our own moments.

I find this immersion of a moment removes me
from the world, and for a slice of times, it gives me, “me”.

Brain dump 9ish or something…

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