sex worker services for WOMEN and COUPLES

Every day I see requests put forth by women and hetero couples. Requests that, if put forth by men, would be met with statements of “You should just pay a sex worker if you want that.“. Fair, but we need this for women and MF or FF couples, too!

  1. Someone willing to provide sexual services to couples, either MF or FF. Especially ones who simply want to be there to watch/offer selective sexual acts. Aftercare services would be a MUST in these situations– though vaginal or oral penetration is often not wanted, or even allowed.
  2. Someone who wants to provide a gentle, relaxing afternoon (or whenever) for a woman. Probably involves making tea, drawing a bath with bath gel, toweling them off, perhaps a light refreshments afterwards. Snuggling afterward with NO pressure of penetration of any kind. Maybe changing the bed with fresh sheets first. The better the experience, the better the references 🙂
  3. Someone willing and trained in rope to provide a safe rope experience to women who do not have friends who can tie them up, and especially more skilled techniques, such as suspension.
  4. Someone willing to do similar to #3, but with impact.
  5. Someone who can just hold the person through the night. Tell them they are okay. Provide the emotional support that unpartnered women often are not getting enough of.

…are there any I’m missing?


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