sometimes it’s too late

Sometimes the words can’t be pulled back

Sometimes the words knife through 

Sometimes the poison has already seeped into the cut

                      Under the chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me 

Sometimes there is no happy ending

Sometimes the story simply fades

Sometimes the words feel good to say,

                    until the person walks away, saying 

“I have nothing more to say to you.” 

Sometimes it’s only words inflicted

Sometimes it’s said in anger that dissipates

                     “I’m only being honest.  I’m only saying how I feel.”

Sometimes it’s okay to speak hard words

Sometimes it’s necessary to have even one person 

                     to whom you can say absolutely anything.

Sometimes you have to forgive because

                      you’ll want to be forgiven for saying words you don’t mean

Sometimes, there is no going back.

2 thoughts on “sometimes it’s too late”

  1. Sometimes it is like knocking over a jar of marbles. The jar can be set upright and all the marbles returned.

    Other times, like you describe, it is like knocking over a jar of honey. Sure you can set it upright. Sure you can try and gather what spilled back into it. But, you will never get it all back. Furthermore, it is likely unwanted things will be stuck in it, when you do. Therefore, what you get back will never be what you had before. That has been irrevocably changed.

    1. “Knocking over a jar of honey”….great image! I love explaining life through analogies and images. Makes it so much easier to understand!

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