sweet longings of a piesexual

Food. Sex. Sleep.

We all have our basic needs in our own Maslow’s pyramids. Mine happen to be food, sex, and sleep. In that order.

If you try to have intimate relations with me, without properly satisfying my first requirement, prepare for the kitty to meowl at you.

But I don’t know what to get you!, you cry in frustration. I’ve let you peruse my pantry and nothing seems to please you!

Pie. Cherry Pie. Chicken Pot Pie. Any Pie.

I love all the pies. Raspberry. Apple. Blueberry. Key Lime. Lemon Meringue. Cheesecake (which I consider more pie than cake.) Meat pies. Shepherd’s pies. I could live off nothing but pie!

You can always satisfy me with pie. So by all means, put pie into my mouth.

Thank you, please!

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