understanding aftercare: basic primer


is what we provide to our partners “afterwards,” whatever that means

loving, gentle

or isolation, or

whatever we need “afterwards,” whenever that “afterwards” occurs

my “after” happens very quickly, a snuggle, water that magically appears by my side when I hold out my hand, eyes still closed until they can stand light, any light, a blanket put over me when I say I’m feeling cold, as right after I am too warm to stand the feel of anything on my body– but in general my”after” is simply a pause between interactions

it isn’t always very much for me, because I usually immediately jump into the “rest of the care” part of the relationship

sometimes I need more formal aftercare, as anyone might

aftercare must exist because there is always an after and there is always a “care” that happens; though aftercare might very well modulate based on the intensity of the play

it might look very different, it might look like there is no exchange of aftercare, but the person knows what it is to them

if someone knowingly neglects aftercare, that is another matter, but never judge what aftercare is suitable for any individual

never feel you must deny you need “aftercare,” you need something, but it may be something you give yourself. that is still the care which happens after.

aftercare is simple and/or complex

it helps us heal, refill our cup

never forget the importance of “proper” aftercare, please

it is not just “after,” it is a part of the whole “care”

that is all, for now, but it is enough to explain the essentials, I think

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