why i strive to be the eternal optimist

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Centa Terry

August 20 at 8:38 PM

I never said I am the eternal optimist. Sometimes my tiny turtle mind says, “Hey, little dude, you’re flat on your back and you can’t get up!”

I never said I am the eternal optimist. Sometimes my tiny turtle mind says, “Hey, little dude, you’re flat on your back and you can’t get up!”

…but at least I try?

I don’t know if the glass is half full, half empty– heck, I don’t always even have a glass with water. Where are you, glass of water? Oh, well, I’ll assume I’ll find one soon enough and when I do, it will be half full. At least half full.

Think, think, think. 

I can’t be a pessimist. I just can’t. I’m no good at anger. It turns me bitter and petty. I don’t do well with indulging in negative thoughts, either. I sink into a deep wallow of despair, snowballing every single past negative thought and action. Staying positive keeps me sane.

I could be a “realist,” I suppose. I feel rather pragmatic, logical. Despite outwardly appearing emotional and even impulsive. But I’m not sure. 

My oldest munchkin once divided the world into “pessimists” and “realists.” Optimists weren’t even on her radar. As smart and perceptive as she was, maybe twelve?, I am going to disagree with her on this point. No, I don’t believe the opposite of “pessimism” swings only towards “realism.” I believe “realism” is a bit more in the middle between “pessimism” and “optimism.”.

So where do I fall along this spectrum?

I’m not quite sure. I, like most people, fluctatuate along the line. Sometimes I am more towards the “pessimist” side than the opposite. But I think, in this case, I am okay with labeling myself as something.

I want to move forward, because I must have movement, or else I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m always going to be doing something, and it might be the wrong direction, but at least I’m moving. To me, that is what life is all about. Movement. Creation. 

If I am going to pick a side, I’ll pick the one I hope to be a part of. Even if I slip backwards from time to time.

Maybe this means I can be overly naive when dealing with people. Maybe it means I will make foolish decisions. The Fool in the Tarot cards is foolish, too, but he is merely a natural stepping stone in the cycle of life. 

Maybe I’m too trusting. Well, so be it. I may be silly in my optimism, but no worries. I make sure to surround myself with good people that keep me grounded, rather than floating in the clouds. I trust that they will not let my optimism get the better of me.

Plus, apparently I’ll live longer because of it.

If you are having trouble, maybe that could work for you? …what tips do you have for staying positive?

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