kinky review: montreal fetish weekend!

Location: Rue Ste-Catherine, Montreal, Canada

Kinky Rating:  8/10

Date: Labor Day Weekend

Will Kitty return?:  Yes!

M and I arrive at 2am to the Canadian border.  A suspicious border guard greets us, “Why are you here at so late?”  We answer his questions, whilst avoiding the actual truth (“We wanted to say goodbye to our friends at our favorite local munch.”)  I think we gave him an existential crisis.  “Why am *I* here so late?”  Good question, friend.  “Why are you here?”  “Visiting a friend in Montreal.”  Well, that was true…just not the whole truth. Uh, kinky latex ball?

Friday, I explored

Our friends and us stayed at this cute airbnb.  So quiet, just off the main walking street in their gay district.  Row after row of what M and I believed were colorful anal beads.  I dubbed the viewing platform (just this staircase leading up to a walkway, down a staircase) the “anal bead viewing deck.”

People walked down the street, or pushed their bicycles along.  The first morning, we got up and got coffee and groceries.  Well, sort of.  Mistook a liquor store for a grocery store and my two friends and I met up with partner at Starbucks with two bottles of wine (“Look we went grocery shopping!”)

My friend modeled in an outdoor fetish fashion show! I had a struggle to get good pictures of her, but the show turned out FABULOUS! At one point, two costumed models wheeled out another model suspended from a hotel trolley. Here’s to something completely different **tips hat** (the picture above is one I took at the show)

Everything is so OPEN here! 

I love it.  We went biking on Friday, and passed the park on the main street.  Open demonstrations of spanking benches, people walking in full latex costumes.  Supposedly vanilla folk also walking around, even families.  

…like, okay.  This is your culture.  I respect this.

I took it as a sign to be extra courageous.  That night, I walked to dinner with my friends in a red latex dress (perfectly respectable, just shinier than your average outfit) and a leather jacket.  I did get one dirty look from a mother with a two year old on my way back…

Me:  Did that woman give me a dirty look?

Him:  Yeah, well, you are wearing red latex.

Me:  Whatever, it’s Montreal.  

Him:  You can’t just say, ‘It’s Montreal’ about everything.

Me: Anyway, what is a child doing out at at eleven at night?

Him:  It’s Montreal.  

Me:  …..

Checked out the Meet & Greet portion of the Friday evening.  Enjoyed chatting with the other partygoers, lots of them first timers like ourselves.  But after this, and dinner, I needed to get away from people— and napped through the party and afterparty.  Oops. 

Apparently the festivities REALLY get going on Saturday night and I didn’t miss too much (although I do wish I had at least SEEN Friday night)! 

Saturday night? DANCING!

We got to the main club.  It was a converted pool, into which you descended to dance with the latex masses.  Latex ball!  Everyone looked so pretty!  It took me a while to warm up, but when I did, I got invited to dance with this group of girls and made out with one of them in particular.  She and I and M danced and made out in a circle.  She was American, too. 

I lost myself in the moment for about an hour— and then we moved on to the afterparty.  Lost the American girl along the way, but so it goes.  The afterparty was at a Circus club.  Bit of a cover charge (about $20USD/pp).  To be honest, I think I enjoyed the Bath place more.  Felt more like kinksters freely mingling about, versus a club atmosphere.  but I did like both places.  Demonstration of a dominatrix and her two male submissives.  Random people pretending to know how to use the stripper pole (except for the one girl who did a pretty good job!)  M and I kindly excused ourselves around 4:30am.  Early work meetings.

Saturday, we went biking.  Joined a Fetish Parade around town.  At first M and I stalked our friends, but then they saw us— so we just walked around with them.  I wish I had remembered to take photos! Next time (and there WILL be a next time).

I also checked out one class on 24/7 dynamics.  It was…alright.  Even according to them, not really 24/7, and I do know situations that are as close to 24/7 as humanly possible.  Would’ve liked the perspective to have come from those in a 24/7 romantic/M/s relationship.  Oh, well.  Still interesting.  Not sure it was worth paying for, if you didn’t have a VIP pass.  


Supposedly there was a famous stripper performing, but we couldn’t figure out where it was happening.  To be honest we missed a LOT of what happened.  Just too much going on.  We caught several rope suspension performances; a wax and fire play demonstration; and one rope scene involving breath play and water torture.  

My favorite was the wax performance.  The two women laughed and played— and you could see them checking in with each other during it.  The sub held the candle between her thighs, as the dominant “tickled” her with fire (played with the flame close to her skin).  Such discipline!  Dotted her with wax, but by the end she was just throwing the melted wax liberally on the other girl— who actually looked surprised the first time it happened!  Like, she expected it but didn’t know exactly when it would happen.  Spanked her a few times, too.  I talked to both of them afterwards, just very cool people.

We met up again with one of the local girls we’d danced with the night before.  Chatted and hope to see her the next time we come through! I spoke to a girl, roped to the staircase (after asking politely if she was allowed to speak to anyone while restrained, of course!). Which led to a discussion on various local scenes, just like we were talking about favorite coffee shops. Just…normal talks while tied up.

Montreal cried for us as we left. (At least it started raining, thankfully it allowed us a sunny weekend!)

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