kitty & master life: part one

(If Kitten could figure out how to combine food and napping in the manner of the above photo, she would.)

I wake up, incomprehensibly still tightly curled inside my Master’s arms. This is just after our seventh anniversary.  I awaken in the exact same position in which I fell asleep. “Snuggle in properly,” he says., despite my absurdly close proximity.  “I had a bad dream,” I say. “I know,” he tells me. “Snuggle closer.”  I wiggle my butt in an attempt to get closer than I already am.

I do not own a unicorn tail OR a kitty tail. I don’t even own a butt plug.  The kinkiest thing in my butt lately has been a suppository (sorry, tmi?)  I don’t have a water dish or a cage. I DO have several kitty ear head bands. I SHOULD have so many more, even though I forget to wear them quite a bit. But I plan on being more consistent this year.

While at home, I make sure to get my naps in.

Nap on the couch. Nap on the bed. Nap on the comfy chair. My master checks in on me on my naps, maybe a kiss here and there.

If it is a work day, I am proper when I go out. But when my friend measured the room with his laser pen, I MIGHT have struggled to not jump on the walls to “catch” the laser. I tell my master about this afterwards. He just laughs at me, because it’s so typically what I would do. What kittens do.

I snuggle up with him, at every chance, every break. Much of what it means to own a kitten is to pet and hold them ALL the time. If you don’t want to do that, be careful before adopting one. They just get worse over time.

It’s good to keep a snack on hand for a kitten. And water by the bed. And shiny, dangly things for the kitten to bat at (she WILL do so!).

A kitten is not the same thing as a little, though littles may also be kittens or kittenish. Do not confuse her childlike playfulness for a lack of independence in any way. She wants to be her own person, responsible for her own life. Well, at least in my interpretation of Being A Kitten. I like to indulge in my childish self, but I am unlikely to spend my free time coloring or playing with dolls and stuffies. This is about me as a Kitten, not about me as any other piece of my kinky self.

Kittens like to scratch things, but I, a human kitten, like to BE scratched. Body scratches, head scratches. All over, sometimes lightly, sometimes harder. I don’t know why. I just like it. I don’t like to be swatted, MOST of the time. But I will accept the occasional swat happily.

I only sometimes push things off surfaces.

Kittens need to get out and play— which means a sex party here and there. Or maybe a night at a dungeon. It’s good to bring along a master or protector. Because that way Kitten can play with other Kittens, without being bothered or harassed by unwelcome attention.

Master makes sure Kitten eats, and often, throughout the day, as she might forget otherwise. Especially if the day involves one or two baths, along with her naps. Some cats DO like to get wet!

I get distracted easily, by everything.

This happens on a near daily basis. Master snickers at me as my head darts about the room.

At the end of the day, I— being my simple, Kitten self— return to the bed for snuggles and play. So long as Kitten’s feet do not get tangled up in the sheets, she is happy. (By the way, Kitten MAY frequently refer to herself in third person.)

And THAT puts Kitten to sleep, ready for another day in Kitten’s life.

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