how to bring a date to a munch: kitty edition!

Okay, so I thought it might be fun to just help out with a few light, fun “how to” guides on kink, munches, dating, etc.

If you need a bit of help, here you go!

1. DO Treat your date like a person.

Yup! That’s the first part. They are still a normal human being, just like you are. Just be your normal, wonderful self!

2. DO have some basics covered.

Find out how they want to be introduced and what name they feel comfortable with (some people don’t like to use real names, some like to use Fet usernames, etc.). Best to not put your date in the awkward position of having to think this through AS they’re being asked :). Talk with your date about how long they think they’d like to stay. Ask if they’re comfortable being apart from you, or prefer you by their side. Have a way to gracefully leave the munch when you’re ready.

3. DO introduce them to friends.

Help your date feel comfortable by introducing them to whoever you know. It’s okay if you don’t know anyone/anyone there that night. At the very least introduce them to the organizer and talk to new people.

4. DON’T overthink the date simply because it’s a munch!

Don’t start forcing a dynamic (unless they’re something existing, but if you’re asking this is probably a first date/first meet up/new relationship); don’t make things awkward by trying to negotiate every moment like you’re arranging a scene. You’ve got this.

5. DON’T drink too much!

If you need to drink a lot in order to relax enough to be around your date at a munch, maybe pick a different venue. This is not the time to make your date take care of YOU. You’re introducing them to a new, sometimes scary, environment. Nothing wrong with a drink or two, but make sure you stay sober enough to drive home (even if you’re not driving).

Thanks for listening!

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