are you worth 20% of my effort?

I’m an all in kind of woman (if I am a woman, which I’m currently debating). That’s what I like. That’s what’s worth it for me.

…but it’s not the only thing worth it.

Connections matter more to me than anything else. It’s what I’ve got. I’m not the smartest, wealthiest, most accomplished. I don’t have the largest collection of silicone toys. I don’t even want ’em. But connections? I crave them, like an addict craves their particular drug of choice.

I cannot give 100% of myself to just anyone, but that’s okay. I love putting enough of myself into another person to deserve them putting the

I do, however, need something. If I cannot give (and get) about 20% effort on both our parts? I’ll smile, nod, and move on.

So, please tell me. Are you worth 20% of me?

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