awakened by desire

Pale morning slips in through the window, her mind half awakens and idly wonders what time it might be

— but her thoughts are jarred as his hands grip the small of her back and he thrusts, hard, purposefully, her permission asked and received long ago. He throws the sheets back to reveal her perfect, naked body. Always ready for him.

Yes, she moans, and her body opens to him, instinctively, her wetness unleashed by the touch of his hand.  But he quickly shoves her face into her pillow, muffling her words.

“You are mine and always mine.”  A wave of warmth washes over her, more than simply his body in hers. She belongs. She is wanted. A thousand times he’s entered her body, and he’ll want her just as much a thousand mornings later.

“Focus on the pleasure, focus on how it feels.” Speaking will only be a distraction. Only her whimpers and moans have any relevancy as he drives his desire deep into her writhing form.

Sweetness mixed with savory. How can he be so rough, demanding, and yet so softly gentle? I am nothing but my holes to be used, however and whichever way he pleases, and yet, I feel so

“Fuck me, please!” the words jerk from her involuntarily.

— he plunges, harder, deeper, her words and thoughts cut off. Lost in pleasure, moaning, whimpering. “Yes, whimper for me, you know that only makes me harder. Get me off, slut.” Yes, she screams internally, words lost to her.

“Just like that, whore,” his tone is strained, as she tightens, instinctively, around his cock. “Come for me, whore, now!” he snaps- and she does, coming instantly at his command. She knows she is beautiful, worthy, and loved, why does she need to be called a slut and a whore?

“Good,” he says in a pleased voice, “feel me, all of me,” never stopping or slowing down as he drives into her again and again.

“Come, whore, now!” Her body betrays her with wave after wave of orgasm…she loses track of time…and then she feels him stiffen, his muffled groans, “Beg for it, slave, tell me what you need.”

“Please, sir, come. Please fill your slave.” And he thrusts one final time and collapses into her.

“Thank you, slave, for proving your worth.” He kisses her on her shoulder, gently turns her onto her side, and pulls up the sheets.

…and she falls back into a deep sleep.

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