be someone who leaves a mark on their life, not a scar

She left marks upon me, as did he, as did she, as did each and every one.

I wish to be one that leaves marks upon others, not scars.

Oh, I have no shame in my scars! On the contraire, I swell with pride touching each one. My scars reflect my life, and I have no regrets on that matter.  But my scars, be they external or internal, are not the equivalent of my marks.

I don’t want to be the reason for scars on another.

I do not want to be the one that leaves a lasting scar from a previous hurt.  After all, I trust the person’s life to inflict plenty of that on them. I don’t need to ensure they receive their fair share of suffering.

No, I want to leave a flowering bruise.  An imprint of a unicorn’s head or a heart.  It is perhaps a rather similar visual, but there is a distinction.

I want to leave my memory etched upon their mind.

Oh, but I wish I could photograph the marks left on me by others, as others do their brilliant purples, reds, and greens! Alas, I cannot, as the marks are on my mind and not my skin.  But they are just as beautiful, I assure you.

….I hope I have, and will continue to leave, such marks upon the minds of others.

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