dear world, why I got the Covid vaccine– and why I’d like us all to just suck it up, do it, and move on!

Perhaps it’s not sexy to talk about this. But I don’t care. What I do care about is this: The vaccine is not about me. It’s probably not about you. It’s about the others.

My little one thinks adults don’t care about her, and it doesn’t help when she hears adults whining about the shot. Cause she has to go to school and go to all these places with lots of people– because adults say she has to do it. She goes to school in person; she wears the masks obediently; she tries to keep herself safe and willingly gets her shot (it’s not like it’s fun, but she actually wanted it and anxiously awaited the day she could qualify). She wants to do right by herself and by others. And then they won’t even take the most basic measures to protect her. Why should she feel like they care about her?

If I knew of a good reason not to get vaccinated, I’d understand. But I haven’t. Your “freedom” to not get a poke and a sore arm isn’t more important than someone else’s health. I didn’t love getting poked, either. I get queasy from needles and blood. But I honestly just didn’t see the big deal. I’m sorry if I’m just that stupid.

Look, I know it’s not fun. But maybe if we all just did the responsible thing and didn’t fight on the vaccine issue, maybe we could stop worrying about educating people on that and figure out how not to wear masks all the time. Or events from shutting down.

There are a million things that actually matter that we can worry about. Can we please just not worry about this one thing?

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