family boundaries can sound like….

What Family Boundaries Can Sound Like

  1. “Please do not lie to me more than once a day. Okay, how about twice a day? Fine, how about…oh, forget it.”
  2. “Please do not talk to me about your threesome fantasies involving my dad.”
  3. “Please do not throw my puppy across the room.”
  4. “Please do not tell me my taste in TV shows sucks. You watch Desperate Housewives.”
  5. “Please do not pretend I’ve been kidnapped to the county sheriff.”
  6. “Please stop asking me when I think I will get married and have a kid. I am 12.”
  7. “Please try not to ruin all my friendships. I didn’t really like that one kid, but I did kinda like the others.”
  8. “Please do not only serve me chicken and beef. I am vegetarian.”
  9. “Please do not have your lawyer bribe me with Garret’s popcorn while using him to take my father from me.”
  10. “I think you misunderstood the idea that a good mother should always want to be around her child. They didn’t mean stand right next to them, staring wordlessly, if that meant being near your child. Please try to be around me less.”

….this happens to everyone, right?

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