can you find two good things in your life?

Two things.

Just.  Two.  Good.  Things.

Sometimes life is rough.  Can you find two good things in your life?  Some people don’t have that.  It’s a gift to have two wonderful, amazing, unbelievable things in one’s life.  Two things you can rely on.  That give you undeniable, unimaginable pleasure.

Just think of two good, I mean, really good things.

I have my master, and I have my family.

It’s nice to think of two smaller things, too.

I have my painted Japanese fishing balls, and I have my stabby stab felting kit.

Think of two things that make life worthwhile.  Two big things.  Two little things.  Two things that make life a little nicer.

I promise you, this is within your reach.

It might feel impossible.  It isn’t.  Please trust me on this.  Just try to breathe, push down the bad, and focus on two good things you have.

Some days can be full of doom and gloom.  Some days we lose.  Even when we’re the good guys.  Sometimes the good guys lose.

But there’s always two good things you can think of.  And that’s pretty cool.


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