TINY problem with unsolicited dick pics, the

Look, I know what you want to say. “But women do the same thing! Women love showing off their bodies!” You aren’t wrong, entirely. You aren’t entirely right, either.

I’m sorry for the shorthand terminology associated with unwanted dick pictures. It really isn’t about the “unsolicited.” At least not primarily.

I get “unsolicited pussy pics” and “unsolicited boob pics” every day while browsing Fetlife. Women who post pictures that I have to scroll past in order to view the content I wish to see.

But it’s not the first communication (or second or third) I get while talking to a woman. She may post hundreds of nudes, but she doesn’t open up a conversation with,


It’s not the “unsolicited” part. It’s the bit where (some) men literally cannot speak to a woman for more than a few interactions without immediately shoving your dick in her face.

Trust me, we’d be just as weirded out if women did that.

So, upload pics of your penis, if you want. Yeah, you probably won’t get as many loves as a woman does. But so what? It’s men who mostly love naked pictures, anyway. You want equality? Love random women’s photos less, if that helps. I don’t care.

But for the love of God, stop sending unrequested dick pics in our inboxes.

Nobody wants that shit.

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