general guide on how I “kitten,” a

If you want to know me, follow a cat meme group and that will essentially be “me.”

I wake up, I snuggle next to master. I purr until I get attention and, hopefully, scratches. Go back to sleep for a quick early morning nap while master gets kids ready and out the door (tomorrow will be my turn to round up the little ones, that still need help in the morning).

I wake up to silence in the home. Proceed to write from bed, until cravings of food bring me upstairs. Kitten pads upstairs, unclothed, and finds some food. Go back downstairs for a mid morning nap.

I wake up again, find master, attempt to crawl into his lap (or onto his laptop).

As I settle into my day, I curl up in my big, comfy blanket on the couch. I write some more. Or I do boring, tedious “adulting,” whether it’s for my company or taking care of bills, appointments, etc. Cat naps? Yes, please!

Once again attempt to sit in master’s lap. Am disappointed to find master sitting on an office chair, with lap firmly out of reach. I push items around master’s desk in attempt to get attention.

I bake cookies, cupcakes, muffins, some kind of food in cupcake form. These are crucial for kitten’s snacks later in the week (and also demands of the other humans in the home).

I lie down on the floor and stretch and find the spot of sunlight is very warm and comforting and…I might just stay here for a bit. Ignore master’s rolling his eyes at me, saying, “You know the couch is RIGHT there, right?”

Debate going out and make an executive decision NOT to go outside, after all.

My friend is staying with us and comes upstairs.

I immediately pounce on her lap. She looks at master and says, “I really should have expected this, huh?” Yes, yes she should. I offer her a cupcake as compensation.

It is later in the evening. I must prepare dinner, as the kitten needs food once again. I make something simple, but tasty, because I am in no mood to put clothes out and eat out. It is too cold to make someone bring me food– and master is refusing. Fortunately, I like my cooking.

The day is at an end.

I mope about in bed, deprived of cuddles, because master is still working until– yes! I hear master approaching. I’ve waited EXTREMELY patiently for master to get into bed, instantly melding against his warmth.

Kitten is ready for play. Just, one moment please, after just a few, quick snuggles, first. Wrapped round master’s body.

Just where a good kitten ought to be!

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