Here’s to Old Relationship Energy

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An Ode to Old Relationship Energy

I want to preface this by saying that I enjoy NRE. It’s new and exciting and fun. But I feel like I don’t see many writings on Old Relationship Energy. Which I, am really enjoying. So here’s to older relationship energy.

-Here’s to the comfort and security of knowing that just because you haven’t seen them for weeks doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong in your relationship. You’ve been down this road before with them. You’ve been fine and you’ll be fine

-Here’s to consistent, daily “good morning” and “good night” texts for over a year. It’s the littlest of things that always put a smile on your face and make your day a little better. Here’s too coming to rely on that, yet knowing if they skip one every so often, it’s probably not a big deal.

-Here’s to knowing that if they skip more than one in a row, (cause they never do), it’s time to check in on them. See if you can help them with whatever shit just hit the fan

-Here’s to watching that person grow and growing with them. Here’s to constantly relearning and falling in love with the new version of them. Here’s to them doing the same with you

-Here’s to reminiscing about adventures you’ve had, while planning for more. Sometimes ones that won’t come to be for more than a year

-Here’s to the security you’ll be with this person in a year. Knowing they plan on being with you in their future, just as much as you plan on being with them in your future

-Here’s to the trust you’ve built up. Trust that shuts up all those anxious thoughts that try to tell you this person doesn’t really love you

-Here’s to moments from the past and words they’ve said and things they’ve done that prove they care about you. Here’s to being able to use these things as evidence whenever your brain is attempting to convince you they hate you

-Here’s to the intimacy and closeness that comes from having been there for them while they go through tough shit and vice versa

-Here’s to knowing you can rely on them, instead of fearing that you can’t

-Here’s to casual snuggles, reaching out for each other without thinking about it, and having a casual, familiar intimacy with each other

-Here’s to knowing you’ll both take time out of your lives to see each other instead of wondering if the other person will

-Here’s to diminishing feelings of insecurity and jealousy and fear. Yes, this comes from personal growth. But it also comes from the other person proving over and over they’re trustworthy and you doing the same

-Here’s to always being happy to see the other person, each moment with them a delight

-Here’s to shared hobbies and pushing each other and encouraging each other in them

-Here’s to them getting you into cool new things and vice versa

-Here’s to allowing yourself to be influenced by them and watching as they slowly change, knowing they’ve been influenced by you

-Here’s to knowing that they and their apartment is a safe place for you. A place where you both can be your weird, wonderful selves and not be judged for it. Here’s to the slow, enjoyable process of that having happened

-Here’s to discovering new things together, and having adventures both with and without them, and still looking forward to wherever the wind will take you next with them

-Here’s to all the happy, comforting, cutsy, and sweet feelings that all of the above comes with. Here’s to, for once, not being frustrated that you feel these feelings. Because it’s secretly very nice. And it’s even better to know that they feel something similar

Here’s to Old Relationship Energy

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