ripping off the blindfold

The allure of ignorance.

Do you want to know? To have your eyes opened?  It cannot be undone.

It is a beautiful thing to see the truth, yet it can be painful.  Suppose you spent a lifetime believing a lie, only to have that lie crumpled up and thrown away?  Suppose, too, you sacrificed that which is most valuable to you as a way to protect that lie?

Delicate torture hidden in dark pools.

I have seen the vulnerability in her eyes.  She feigns arrogance, scorn, but the undeniable look in her eyes reveals her true feelings.  She is fragile.  So are many others.

I am not angry, nor offended, at those who vilify polyamory and open love.  I pity them.  How could it be but that many abandoned chances at love, relationships with their children, all in deference to that same lie that she believes so desperately.

She needed that lie to justify breaking up her family and uprooting her children from their habits, their friends, and their father.  She insisted to herself that her husband could not love two women, nor could she love two men.  When she met her now husband, she didn’t believe she could share her family among four parents.  That the new woman would only want to steal her children and their love.  She had to protect them, and herself from this threat.

(Maybe they would have forgiven her if she hadn’t chosen an alternatively emotionally abusive and distant stepfather whose six previous children refused to speak with him, but maybe not.  At any rate, it began before that.) 

After all, she cannot be the only one like herself.  There never is only one of anyone

I hold no anger to any of them.

Not to anyone who believes whatever lie they must in order to survive.  I only wish they did not hinder the rest of us from living our own lives.  Ah, well, so be it.

I am strong enough to withstand their lies.  So are you.

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