i don’t exist to be pretty

…but today I am.

Only I wish you wouldn’t say I’m pretty when I’m tired, worn out, sweaty, gross.  Master knows I am beautiful, regardless of my appearance, he’s allowed.  You, stranger, are going off what you see- and I’m not stupid.  When you lie to me, because you think it’ll increase your chances of sleeping with me, or women in general, I’m not impressed.

Beyond the condescension (as if I’m so fragile, I’ll fade away if a man does not tell me how attracted he is to me every fifteen minutes), I like to be acknowledged for my effort when I do try to be pretty.  When I do my eyebrows, nails, clothes.  Don’t undermine those efforts by saying “You are always pretty.”  I am not, and it merely makes me feel like my true efforts are wasted.  Why bother if I am always pretty?  Oh, right, that’s because you actually do like when women are put together and spend the time and effort.  You actually do notice.

I am pretty today.  I tried today.  Thank you for avoiding the participation award, it makes me feel good when my efforts are rewarded.

Yet I don’t need to be pretty all of the time.  No woman, or any other female person, does.  The purpose of my existence is not To Be Pretty.  I don’t need that to validate my being around people.

But when I am pretty, hey, feel free to give a stranger a shoutout.  If you look pretty, too, I’ll respond in kind!

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