i judge your username, OR 5 simple reasons you might be ruining your chance at getting a response from a woman

Are your (male) friends frustrated at their lack of success on Fet and other social sites? Are they unable to get a single message or response to their carefully crafted messages?

Here’s a quick resoure you might hand them. Free of charge!

  • Crappy Usernames

I’m sorry. I know women aren’t supposed to say “sorry” all the time, but I really am. But when I’m scrolling through a batch of new followers I’m more likely to click on flowerchild99 than BigHungDick or MagicFingerzzz69. I just….c’mon. Do you have to do it? If you do, okay, but maybe, just maybe it’s not necessary. Try to use a little creativity, huh?

  • Penis Profiles

Men are visual creatures. I completely understand this. However, this might be a decent time to remember the Golden Rule doesn’t always work. “Treat others how you want to be treated.” YOU might love to see boobies in your face all the time. But a lot of women don’t. So if you’re mostly approaching queer males, cool. If you are getting overwhelmed with attention due to your sexy, sexy appendage, you do you. But if you are trying to befriend mostly women and not getting much response, maybe make them click for the cock shot. I hear women ADORE suits.

  • ..or no Profile Pictures.

I understand wanting to maintain privacy. But can you please give some picture besides a question mark? It does not have to be your face, whatever some people might tell you, but it’s really nice when you attach something to your profile so that when I’m scrolling mindlessly through my feed, I recognize that this activity is you. Most women are not going to accept a plethora of white question marks in a black square.

Again, *cough*, have you ever considered taking a picture in a suit? Or, fine, give me a penis. Give me something.

  • Not Reading Words

I know it’s hard. But you’re reading this, right? (Maybe?) Someone once told me that profiles are misleading, you can’t really know much from a profile. But actually, well, you can. Some people have useless profiles. But many of us put a lot of effort into them…and you can tell sooooo much by a casual, five minute perusal. If that. Probably closer to two or three minutes of your life. You can tell whether or not that person is worth approaching (i.e. whether or not their tastes match yours) and how likely they are to respond to your message and requests to meet up (hint: if they make you buy an item from their wishlist to get a message from them, you’re probably unlikely to make much headway with that person.)

  • Not Bothering to Write Your Own Words

Just like we love the question mark profile pictures, we love it when you have a completely blank profile. Come on. Join a couple groups. Add a couple fetishes. Write 3 sentences about yourself. I have faith in you!

And, voila, your perfect girlfriend will magically show up on your doorstep with nachos!

….obviously there are more issues than these. But these are the simplest and most easily fixable problems I can think of. It couldn’t hurt to get these out of the way.

Got any other EASY fixes that might help someone struggling to meet people?

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