kitty goes on a date: wine tasting and thai food edition

Kitty had many plans for today, involving driving through wine country and tasting all the yummy wines. Unfortunately Kitty also fell asleep for her afternoon nap. And all the wine tastings where she had planned closed by 5pm and were almost an hour drive away (it was 3pm by now). And she wasn’t even showered yet. Poor Kitty, right?

Kitty was upset, but master calmed her down and said she had a pretty good life. Which is true. It’s nice to have a master to remind one of this.

But, it turns out, wine drinking in wine country does not stop at five o’clock. But rather at 5:45pm. And she managed to find one that was only a twenty minute drive away. Perfect! Would arrive about 5:30pm (and the owner said that would be fine and not to worry!)

Master and Kitty then proceeded to have a lovely night in the wine country of northern California (Kitty even snuck in a taste of Manchego) and, upon the recommendation of the wine bar owner, headed next door to a quaint Thai restaurant (the whole street, in fairness, reeked of quaintness).

Back at the hotel, Kitty topped off the night with a cup of hot chocolate and the promise of a salty caramal cookie sandwich for breakfast the next day.

…not a bad life, indeed for a little kitten. Now, if she could only find another kitten to join her in the adventures…

(Edit: the ice cream cookie melted overnight. moral of story- do not trust hotel freezers. second moral of story- do not wait to eat ice cream. seize the moment!)

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