if i wanted to date a perfect (ly boring) body, i’d date a sex bot

She is beautiful, coin operated, yes, but quite lovely. She is a toy; a doll; a fantasy. Whatever you wish for is hers to provide.

Well, of a sort, anyway.

She certainly has her limitations, but, after all, isn’t that somewhat of the point? Limited wants, desires, needs. She is never “too much,” though she can be not quite “enough” some days.

She likes whatever you like. She does whatever you want. She does not bother with food, drink, all the tedious bits and pieces of a material world. She is material enough for anyone.

She exists for a pure, unadulterated reason. For you, only you, just what you always dreamed of, what they always said you deserved. She is your happiness, yes?

After all, Perfect Sex Bot is a quite a catch.

She’s prettier than I am– by Hollywood standards. I have scars. I have a round face that squishes unflatteringly in photos. My teeth are a little off. I am not short, but I am no Amazonian goddess.

Sex Doll is safe. She’ll never alienate your children against you, never lie to you, never hurt you. Never spend all your money. She doesn’t have the ability, let alone the desire. She is all your dreams. You can play with her as long as you like and she’ll never complain.

Dolls are fun to play with, of course. You can pose them in ridiculous positions. Pour one’s heart out to them, without having to listen in return. When one is out of spoons, the doll can provide guilt free comfort.

The thing is, I stopped playing with dolls a long time past.

I don’t judge any adult that wants to play with toys. I do so myself. But I don’t want to date my dolls. I don’t see them as perfect. I see them as weird defiances of physics.

As perfect as she is, the relationship can fall flat after a while. She never bothers to ask you about your peskiest insecurities and wildest hopes. She can’t tell when you are just a little bit sad and wistful and hoping for someone to see you and give you that little bit of comfort that you need. Say, an unexpected soft kiss on the shoulder. Because Sex Doll is great, but she’s still a doll.

I’d rather play with people. I have my own preferences when it comes to physical types, but I’d rather converse with someone who fascinates me from the inside out. And I do not need you to look like a doll (especially if you want to be treated as one)! And if you do, well, that’s only enough to catch my glance momentarily. I still need you to open up; talk to me; show me what you are inside, far more than skin deep.

And while one might play with dolls and toys for quite a long time, we grow up and want much more than our doll companions.

Pretty Girl, can you be more for me?

Can you be a beautiful mind, as well? Because otherwise? If all you can offer me is your looks? I’m not interested.

I have options these days, if all I want is a hot body.

I can buy a pretty body for not too much, especially if I only want it for a night. Oh, and sex bots are becoming more and more affordable. You think your physical “flaws” are weakness and an obstacle to overcome? Well, a sex bot has perfect skin, perky boobs, full lips, large eyes that drink you in. Just $20,000.

She isn’t quite a girlfriend replacement, but she’s quite reliable. And as the guy says in the video, “Creating a companion that you can program physically, that won’t lie to you, that will be honest, that has no malice…in twenty years, this will be normal.”

Trust in yourself. If you need to hear this today, please listen to me. You. Are. Beautiful. But that is not enough. I need More.

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