kinky review: kitty explores twisted tryst, the gathering!

Location:  A campsite takeover in Indiana

Kinky Rating:  9/10

Date:  June 11th-14th (2020)

Will Kitty return?  Yes!

I’m amused as I enter Indiana, and I’m immediately confronted with a “Hell is REAL/Jesus is REAL” billboard.  I expect this, but what really makes me smile is I read “Hell is REAL” as I cross INTO the state, as if it were a warning. 

I am going to this gathering, with my girlfriend, my master, and my friend, because I was in search of something that might temporarily make me forget the shitty realities of the outside world.  It worked, too.

…I found something, as one always does when surrounded by amazing, open people.  Many somethings.  And someones.  This one is called Twisted Tryst:  The Gathering.

I lay by a small fire the first evening, listening to the crack of whips and the screams of pleasure—

My senses absorbed all of it, chatting with anyone who came close.  Around the corner, a couple performed a fire cupping scene (something I am now curious about, although maybe not for myself).

I watched you, Goddess, as your devotees knelt before you.  I watched you dance for them, inviting them to dance with you one by one.  Sharing the mysticism of nature between you.  

I listened to a couple talk about their open relationship.  I became inspired to teach my own class, probably on something polyamory related. Some lesser discussed aspect of polyamory perhaps? 

In the daylight, the magic continued.

I had the pleasure of observing my girlfriend’s scene.  A flogging session with her friend.  We- all of us- discovered some of her pain thresholds.  Wiffle bats?  Right out.  A silicone rod?  Absolutely!  I got the opportunity to see her body and her breath change as each new implement found its place on her ass.  It’s different seeing it in broad daylight, rather than a dark room.

I traded unicorn tattoo Fruit Roll Ups for a s’more to a fellow unicorn friend (dressed up appropriately in a unicorn onesie).

I flirted with cute guys— but one in particular kept appearing in my line of vision.  It felt like you were looking at me, but I always wonder if I’m imagining these things.  Of course, you live far away— not that far, but far enough.  Oh, and I met a girl.

You, cute mystery girl, asked if you could objectify me and I whispered, yes. 

You told me I had a beautiful body.  I said, likewise.  Meet me at the pool later? upon which your face lit up.  Later that day, you met me, promptly at the agreed time.  I see the tiny girl in bright yellow with a big umbrella.  Truth be told, I had to use the restroom.  I might have been a few minutes late.  I appreciated that you were patient with me.  We walked near where the Goddess had danced earlier, with plenty of space around us on the hill.  It felt like we were alone- while surrounded by strangers. 

You proceeded to massage me and scratch me, gently.  I could have pushed further, but I enjoyed the slowness.  You turned me around and our bodies, and even our lips for a brief time, pressed together.  We went our separate ways.  You, with your polycule- husband, husband’s girlfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend’s fiancée.  Me, dressed up in my pink leather mask and little else, wandering the grounds with my girlfriend. Perhaps I can be a comet in your life?  

I asked a female bodied person to read my tarot cards, because I couldn’t figure out where the naked hide and seek was happening (this is a normal thing that happens to people on most weekends). 

Unfortunately, the readings came out odd.  I realized that I shouldn’t have had my master sitting so close, lounging by the pool almost directly above us.  He has an energy that…I don’t know what.  Psychics have asked him to leave the room before, because he interfered with their energy.

Only two days.  We had to leave early, just as I was truly getting into the swing of things.  Two days.  “What did you do this weekend,” my vanilla friends ask me, and I say, “I made some new friends at a local music festival, just this small thing, I don’t know the name of it.”  It’s a half truth.  I did hear music playing.  

I can’t wait to go back!

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