kitty & master life: part three

Life with a kitten poses a series of strange, but manageable dilemmas…

M:  I’m gonna download a few episodes of Lucifer to prepare for the flight.

Me: I am going to prepare for sleep time on the flight.  Otherwise known as most of the time.  

M:  I think we should call it kittentime.  

Me:  Cats need like 20 hours of sleep a day.  That’s science.  Do you understand how science works???

M:  Probably better than you do.

Me:  Fair enough.


M:  Move off to your side of the bed, Kitten.

Me:  I am on my side.  I’m on half the bed…granted, it’s the top half.


Me (playing my game):  Oh, my God, my helm is amazing!

Him:  Is that a satellite dish on your head?

Me:  Yes!

Him:  What information is it relaying?

Me:  You know.  From the mothership.

Him:  The mothership, huh?

Me:  Yeah.  Probably.


Me (passing through a hallway full of cat pictures):  And there’s another one.  And another one.  And another one.  And another one.  And another one.  And another one.  And another one….


Me (calling downstairs to Master):  Kitten is making the bed!

Him:  I’ll bring up extra pillows for me.

Me (sprawled on a heap of four pillows, under a mass of blankets):  Wise decision!


Me:  Are we going out?

Him:  Are we?  (looks at me)

Me (wearing only a skirt):  I put on clothes!  Well…clothe.

Him:  Not bad for a Kitten.


Him:  Woah.

Me:  What?

Him:  You’re on your side of the bed.

Me:  (moves to jump to his side, but master is already lying down)  Okay.  You win this time.


Him: Ok, Kitten, time to get up.

Me: Mmmmmm.

Him: Come on, Kitten.

Me: ……

Him: Kitten, up!

Me: I’m up! …I was looking at this. (holds up the Book on Obedience)

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