kitty’s mini healthy(ish) recipe book!

…if you’re having trouble deciding what to eat! Kitty has this problem a lot, sigh. So she wants to help!

Mini Cucumber Sandwiches
Peel and slice cucumber and substitute that for bread in any sandwich (leave the skin on if you’re sure it’s safe). Topping ideas: Cream cheese/smoked salmon/red onion/capers; deli meat; dill/cream cheese/tomato; tuna salad; chicken salad

Cured Salmon Gravlax
If you like the above, try making your own salmon gravlax. It’s easier to make than smoked salmon, but it’s essentially the same taste. You really don’t need “sushi grade salmon,” just a nice cut from the butcher (skin on).

Roasted Veggies to Freeze
Fresh veggies can go bad. Slice up a a bunch of veggies (I usually do onions, eggplant, bell peppers, and then whatever else I feel like) and roast them on a baking pan with a little olive oil and salt. Then freeze them for later. Just as cheap (I think) as buying frozen veggies and sooooo much tastier! I like to use them in omelettes or frittatas. Also buy sliced mushrooms in bulk and keep frozen.

Egg Bites
6 eggs; 1/4 cup full fat dairy (i.e. whole milk, full fat plain yogurt); 1/2 t salt; 1/4 t ground pepper; 1-2 T fresh herbs; 1-2 T Additional ingredients (smoked salmon, cream cheese, roasted veggies, etc)
Mix up all the ingredients, except the “additional ingredients.” Grease a muffin pan. Somehow, butter seemed to work WAY better than oil, but not sure why. Put additional ingredients in each cup, and pour egg mixture over it. About 3/4 full (should rise quite a bit!). Freeze and save for later, if you make a lot!

Breakfast for dinner
Pancakes, muffins (really easy to freeze and rebake later), omelettes, etc. Good lazy dinner.

Prepped salads
Buy a package of premixed lettuce. Divide them up among containers and add in favorite ingredients. Then you have salads for the whole week :). My favorite is spinach/arugula mix, sliced beets (canned is fine), goat cheese, and candied pecans/walnuts (melt the sugar and drip it over the nuts). Can also do bleu cheese, bacon, sliced boiled eggs. Or whatever you like best 🙂

Prepped meals
I also like to make a lot of one meal and divide and freeze to eat over time. Like meatballs and roasted veggies. Or meatloaf. Or chicken pot pie (pre cook the filling, fill up an oven safe container like this and put a layer of puffed pastry on top). Then alternate meals between those and something easy and fresh, like sliced bell peppers and hummus and crackers.

Hope this helps!

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