fascination of “love bombing” & other toxic behaviors, the

God, I love “love bombing”

Not always. But sometimes. Other times it pisses me off. But sometimes, like a guilty pleasure TV show, I cannot get enough of it! I read an article today that “love bombing” is a sign of a narcissist. If I wanted to avoid a narcissist, I should avoid those who engage in this practice. Very good advice, if I do say so myself. Don’t want to deal with that, avoid the behavior. I’d advocate the same to anyone else.

I wish I could, no, I don’t wish I could deny it. It can be fun to have someone pour love and affection on you, make crazy promises. So I’m fully aware (now) that it’s not real. They barely know me, how could they tell me they’ll spend the rest of their life with me? Whatever. Logic flies out the window plenty of times in our lives.

Toxic qualities are like fucking honey; that’s why they work.

It’s goddamn addictive for the short term.

Even if it’s short, it’s soooooo sweet. I just need to be sure that I’m not deliberately setting myself up for hurt (no more straight girls for me!)

Maybe it’s stupid, but when life gets absurdly real and depressing, it’s a lovely little escape. I’m not going to punish myself for indulging. And maybe, just maybe if it comes my way again, I’ll say yes.

Obviously only for a little while!

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