sharing love is a beautiful thing

Sounds simple enough. Sharing love. Who would say no to that?

But it’s not so easy to share love in a world where we believe love is a scarce resource. If we believe love is rare and precious, we instinctually cling to it whenever we find a bit of it!

Perhaps it is like diamonds. We inflate the value by keeping it away from as many as possible. We make people believe it is precious to obtain, when in reality it is a common resource. Diamonds are cheaper to dig up from the ground than to create in a lab, did you know that?

I suggest this: That we treat love like an abundant, renewable resources, like sunlight.

Love is, in fact, not only an abundant resource, it multiplies upon itself.

The more love shared between two (or more) people,, the more love is generated. Love touches one person and that person takes the love and returns it back tenfold to each and every person surrounding them.

I cannot tell you how to want to share love. How to discard the scarcity model in regards to love.

But I can say that it is possible.

I know it’s difficult to share love when you’re not sure you have enough for yourself. It is as essential as food and water, how can you feel like you can give it away when you can’t feed yourself? But I promise you if you take that leap of faith, you will be rewarded. If there is a religion, it is love.

I’m not asking you to throw every one of your instincts.

I cannot in good conscious ask you to just trust blindly, or put yourself in harm’s way. I am, however, asking you to open yourself to love at every chance you have, in the smallest ways or grand gestures. Love thy neighbor, love even the one that hates you (don’t give them trust or one more inch to hurt you than they already manage, but expressing love to a miserable person can confuse them more than anything else, trust me!).

After all, can we ever have too much love in this world?

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