snowstorms, loneliness, beauty, joy, and scalding showers

Dancing in the shower to some corny 90s pop song, beautifully scalding water cascading down my shoulders, back, over my curves. I could lose myself in the joy of the moment, or I could pout that master is not joining me tomorrow night.

stupid snowmaggaden mrr mrr meh

I am a very happy little kitten. I had a lovely day, lovely dinner, lovely laughter, lovely memories.

yes, yes she is sublimely content, simply not getting everything her heart desires does not mean kitten is lacking in any fundamentals

Truly, I am happy.

Today I soaked in the peace, love, calming pure joy.

Tomorrow morning, I have plans to walk to a friend’s coffee shop.

But for now, well, tonight I am not held in master’s arms. Except for that I always am. I have not spent a night, but that I feel his strong arms wrapped tightly around me. Pulling me close when he feels the most affectionate. In the dark, only the two of us.

…and I’ll wake up with his fingers trailing my cheek, his warmth along my body.

And, as always, “Good morning, kitten”

Life, as it turns out, isn’t so bad.

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