that time the glory of God penetrated me with His curative powers

I am a very, very bad girl.

I need to be punished.

He assures me he can cure me of my sickness, my twisted desires for flesh of the same sex.

I’m hesitant, until his Glory is outstretched before me.  Hmmm, it looks manageable. I think I can take that much of God’s magnificent power.

“Let me save you, ” He cries, “I shall administer His medicine to you in the way God intended.” He impresses me with the fullness of God’s glory.

“Yes, yes, save me, please!”

This lasts for what feels like an eternity.  To Him. Almost three minutes. I mean, nobody can take too much godly wonder. You might get burned up.

At long last, I am filled with the essence of His spiritual medicine. It feels warm and tingly, although some if His medicine is leaking out of me. Oops.

“Next time,” he says, “now that you’re prepared, I’ll invite along the Son and Holy Ghost for a more thorough religious awakening.”

More ethereal wonder?

Oh, true.  I am convinced I’ll need several more curative penetration sessions before I’m fully embraced by God’s love.

This will be Glorious.

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