top for a top?: when doms need to safeword

I am not a Domme.

I should clarify this first and foremost.  As a submissive, the last thing I want -generally- is the responsibility of taking control of the scene.

At the same time, I am curious about the idea.  As, I’m sure, are many submissive types.  Of course it’s rather nerve wracking to entertain the idea, but…I’ve thought about it.

Anyway, I ran across the idea of a Top needing, or wanting, a safe word.  f I were to be a Top, so my thoughts ran, I would expect that I should be able to handle any situation with a submissive.  A safe word for a Top?  Ridiculous.

…but maybe it isn’t.

What if someone, especially like myself, wanted to experiment with topping? Sure, a lot of dominants might not need one.  But I certainly would!

I can think of at least one reason a Top would want a safe word, and that is this:

Some people feel dominant, but aren’t quite ready to be a Top.  Let alone a dom(me).  What if that person wanted a “mentor Top” to assist them with a scene?

If this person felt like they were getting out of control or felt uncomfortable proceeding but wasn’t sure how to pull back without ruining the submissive’s experience, they could immediately “red” the scene. The “mentor top” would then take over and demonstrate how to safely (and as smoothly as possible) stop the scene.  Without disrupting the submissive’s experience.

OR if the mentor Top decided for any reason there was something wrong with the scene (maybe the newbie Top was doing something unsafe), the mentor Top could call “red,” and the newbie Top would be compelled (by negotiation with all three or more parties) to stop and cede control to the mentor Top.

From the submissive’s perspective, everything would proceed more or less normally, but with the mentor Top now being the one handling the scene and the aftercare.  Or the “mentee Top” taking over for aftercare or at whatever point they negotiated.

This could, I think, be quite useful as a Role in the community.

What are your thoughts, community?

Other reasons a Top might want a safe word, rather than simply ending a scene or changing the direction of said scene?

I’d love to hear more!

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