you’re okay, valentine’s day

Dear Valentine’s Day,

First off, I apologize on behalf of the humanity who will inevitably poop all over you.  Jealousy that nobody bought them pink chocolates or ruffled cards?  Can’t celebrate a holiday without involving massive amounts of panic and stress?

Oh, it doesn’t matter.  No, you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Some prefer other holidays to you. But you deserve a little love, too.

Valentine’s Day, you want to know a secret? 

I’m not a big anniversary person.  Or a holiday person.  This is how I planned my eight year anniversary with my master.  “Hey, since we’re gonna have some free time around the time we met, can we do a special dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant?”  He responds with, “Yes, of course.”  We’re so very romantic, aren’t we?

I’ll confess the first time I celebrated you was an accident.  

But now? I like you.

I like to make sure that I have a day where I do Something Special. 

Something we may not always have time to do.  Plus, with how hectic life is right now, it was the one day this month I had to do anything at all.  You bet I wanted it special.

I may not always be traditional about it. 

Not all of us can afford to make “every day a holiday.”  No, telling us that “we’re always loved” doesn’t cut it.  Yes, I appreciate your little tokens of love, every day.  Yes, I want to show you my love through my consistent words and actions.  

But sometimes I just want a day set aside for an extra burst of love and attention.

It doesn’t have to be super fancy and expensive. 

What comes to your mind?  A special trip out to the city, a box of chocolates?  Flowers, if that is your taste.  Me?  I like to plan a little outing.  A place I haven’t gone to before.  Or maybe a favored place that I’ve not had a chance to visit in a long time.  Or maybe you have something in mind.  I just want a day with people I love.

A tradition does not need to be elaborate to mean something.  Choose your poison, no?

For you and everyone who honors you,

I raise a cup of hot chocolate with pink heart shaped sprinkles and extra whipped cream.  Feel special.  Today and every day, yes, but if you haven’t felt extra special in a while?

Take today and seize it!

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